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Groove Out in Lower Haight

Whether you’re new to the city or a native that wants to discover a discreet tucked away gem, you are sure to find something to you liking in Lower Haight. With an array og record stores, boutiques, and cafes sprinkled on Haight Street between Divisadero and Octavia, try opting out of the same old upper Haight experience and come check out the lower side.

For the Music Buff

Lower Haight is one of the best places in the world to find rare music from all over the world. There are three records stores that stand out from the rest if you are interested in vinyl records. Groove Merchant Records is a really small store that focuses on stocking only quality music. You won’t have to look to long to find something you like and you won’t walk out with an empty wallet either. Prices are reasonable even for the rare and obscure records you can’t find anywhere else. Also be sure to check out:

45s / R&B / Jazz

House / Electronic

For the Adventurer

Halloween is coming up and there’s no better place to find a unique selection of costumes and party accessories.

Take a short walk or have a picnic at Buena Vista where you’ll be accompanied by locals enjoying the views and letting their dogs roam free at the dog park.

For the Shop-a-holic

Check out these trendy boutiques: Upper Playground, P-kok, Revolver, Haight Street Work Clothes.

For the Foodie

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