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SF HOUSING SERVICES is focused on being the leading provider of affordable, clean and convenient accommodation for students, Interns, young professionals and corporate people. Having started with about 50 rooms in a couple of locations, our start-up company has now considerably grown to more than 500 rooms in over 20 locations available and a few properties under own management. 

The key to our success is well established relationships with hotel owners, apartment owners, and other management companies. Our marketing and sales team and our knowledge of the San Francisco rental market can help you maximize occupancy, ensure more stable revenue and attract high quality tenants. 

What are the options?


  • We can master lease your building and take good care of it, miltigating your legal responsibilities and ensuring you steady income without emloyments and maintenance costs. 

  • We can help you fill your vacancies, getting competitive rents and high quality tenants.

  • You can manage a certain number of rooms within your building, so you spread your risk and ensure a stable monthly income. 


What do we do?


Marketing We do the whole marketing of your units from taking high quality pictures pictures, posting it in all online channels, doing showings  and presenting it to different schools and institutions we work with. Using technology, market research and our experiens allows us maximizing rent revenue.


Hght quality tenants Most of our tenants who stay from 3 months to 1 year. They are mostly international students doing their Masters or MBA degree in the city, people on professional courses or trainings, interns and young professionals involved in the tech and other sectors, and corporate clients.


A new look for your building - we give your building a new vibrant look and turn average  hotels into cool residences with convenient rooms, modern amenities and great common areas, with a great community of happy tenants. Our focus is on  cleanliness , friendliness, community feeling.


What do we expect from our partners?


Sharing our values - good customer service, making people new to the city feel like home, collaboration and fixing issues in a timely manner, continuous improvement and adaptation to trends and market requirements




If you are interested in partnering with us please contact:


Tony Brettkelly

Tel. 650 218 1995

BRE # 01321695

"Creating communities one friend at a time"

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