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While doing a study on housing in San Francisco, Tony and his team noticed a huge supply constraint of viable, affordable housing for students in the City.

San Francisco’s population has 68% of renters. The new tech boom has created further overwhelming pressure on the housing market and as a result skyrocketing rentals. The affordable end of the market namely student housing, has not been immune from this pressure. With over 110,000 tertiary students, San Francisco is a hotbed for language schools, Art Institutes, Music Academies and graduate and undergraduate degrees. A large proportion of the student population come from out of town and overseas, excited to come here only to find housing extremely over priced and /or unavailable.

Latitude 38 Housing Services is a division of Latitude 38 Group and is now focused on being the leading provider of affordable, clean and convenient accommodation for students, Interns, young professionals and corporate people. Having started with about 50 rooms in a couple of locations, our start-up company has now considerably grown to more than 500 rooms in over 20 locations available and a few properties under own management. We have put together an attractive student housing investment portfolio and our goal is to own and manage a large portion of our properties, as well as apply our model in other cities by implementing our know-how and investing in technology.


For more info on investment opportunities contact:

Tony Brettkelly

Tel. 650.218.1995

BRE # 01321695

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