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FAQ's - Building and Room Amenities

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Is there Wi-Fi in the building?

Yes, we provide free Wi-Fi in all of our buildings.


What is the difference between private and shared bath?

A private bathrooms means bathroom inside the room and a shared bathroom is a bath on the floor. The average ratio is one bath and one toilet every 3-4 rooms. Common bathrooms and toilets are individual and they are cleaned 2 times per day.


Are the rooms furnished?

Yes, all rooms are furnished and set up for student living with bed, desk, chair, vanity, closet, lamp, mirror, fridge and sink.  The detailed amenities of the rooms are listed on each property page.


Are these apartments or hotel buildings?

Most of our properties are hotel buildings or student residences suitable for short- and long term stay. We also offer studios and apartments - this is always specified in the property page.


What is the security of the buildings?

Most of our properties have controlled access and/or 24h front desk service. Only residents are allowed to enter and any visitors must be registered at reception.



Are bed linens provided?

Yes, bed linens are provided. Some properties also offer free weekly housekeeping with change of bed linens and towels.  

Is there a kitchen? Can I cook in the room?

A lot of our buildings have a common kitchen that all tenants can use. ​If the building has a common kitchen, cooking inside your room is strictly forbidden. If there is no common kitchen, you will have a microwave and a fridge in the room and you can prepare food but you need to be expremely careful and comply with safety regulations.



Is there parking?

Parking is not included in our student and short-term properties. Some properties have parking available at additional cost. Central San Francisco is really busy and parking is expensive, so we would advise you to avoid bringing your own car. If you need a parking spot, there are parking lots that offer a monthly rate.



What is your smoking policy?

Smoking is absolutely forbidden inside the buidlings.


Are pets allowed?

Unfortunately, no pets are allowed inside the buildings.


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